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We face a multi-faceted climate challenge, requiring a collective of measures:

  1. Not adding to an already worsening situation is an important first step. We have to slow and ultimately stop the rise in the atmospheric CO2 levels. Reducing dependence on fossil fuels and setting higher efficiency and cleaner emission standards is essential.

  2. Next, we need to clean up legacy emissions. Addressing emissions from past activities is critical to returning the atmospheric CO2 concentration back to pre-industrial levels.

  3. Ultimately, we need to close the carbon cycle to successfully regulate and maintain atmospheric CO2 levels.

Direct Air Capture is a critical technology for addressing this challenge.


280 Earth’s DAC system pulls CO2 from ambient air through four simple steps:

Air Intake


Using large fans, air is pulled

into the capture system.



CO2 in the air attaches to

our sorbent, a proprietary

solid compound that has

been designed for the




The sorbent is moved into a

separate vacuum chamber

and heated, separating the

CO2 from the sorbent.

Storage & Usage


CO2 can be used in

products or permanently

stored underground.

280 Earth’s technology is designed to optimize operational costs and allow greater geographic flexibility.

Our approach is to build scalable DAC technology by focusing on:

Long Lasting Sorbent

We have created a stable, lower-cost, and longer-lasting sorbent capable of performing at low process temperatures.

Use of Waste Heat

Our sorbent’s low operating temperature enables the process to meet up to 80% of its thermal energy needs using low-grade waste heat from nearby industrial facilities, lowering system cost at scale.

Modular Design

We are focused on creating a standardized 5,000-tpa DAC module. To create large installations on a single site, multiple 5,000-tpa modules will be connected, increasing reliability and scaling speed.



280 Earth has validated its sorbent technology and the core process in laboratory, prototype, and pilot testing.


Scale Up

A 5,500-tpa commercial demonstration facility plant is under construction in The Dalles, Oregon. The first phase (500 tpa) of operation will begin in the first half of 2024. This will allow 280 Earth to de-risk and validate its engineering and design work.

Learnings from the commercial demonstration facility will confirm a standardized 5,000-tpa module design. 280 Earth is actively investigating multiple site locations for large commercial-scale DAC facilities.

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